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book_coverCrossing the Troll Bridge

A Marketing Guide For Artists and Writers
By Robin Blakely and Frank Robert Dixon

Are you a creative artist or writer who feels uncertain or afraid of how to market your creations? Is fear keeping you and your fans apart?

Artists and Writers. This is your business book…your map…the proven strategy and meaningful metaphor that transform passion into profit.
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What People Say

Praise for the author(s), the artist, and/or the book:

“…Superb, incredible, beautiful!”
–Ray Bradbury

“…Stunning illustration, solid information and the clever juxtaposition of a personal story and sharp marketing advice… the treasure map to creative satisfaction and business success.”
–Rebecca Forster, USA Today bestselling novelist at rebeccaforster.com

“…Deeply charming and incredibly useful, a perfect metaphor and guide for the writer or artist to the “bridge” between creation and reaching your audience.”
–Leslie Daniels, author of the critically acclaimed Cleaning Nabokov’s House at lesliedaniels.com

“…Wow! Crossing the Troll Bridge somehow captures everything that I’ve learned (by accident) over the past 15 years. The biggest thing to take away? The part about facing fear. All of the points are extremely important and must be followed for a creative person to succeed.”
–Eric Joyner,
artist at ericjoyner.com

“…This is a definitive guide on how to banish our imaginary demons and realize our creative dreams.”
–Thomas Gianni, illustrator and teacher at gianniart.com

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